How to comment

Everyone loves commenting; it’s a fun way to join the LEGO community! 😉 But some people become careless and post whatever they want to say.  We need to stay on topic on this blog.  We also don’t want any comments discouraging to others or use of foul language.  We are a family and we shouldn’t want to discourage people or use bad words. 😐

It is quite simple filling in your comment.  You just put your name (most people make up a nickname or username), email address (make sure the email address is right), and website (if you would like to add a website).  If we have any inappropriate names we will delete it and give you a new name or entirely delete your whole comment.

Every comment go under moderation. Don’t worry, this is just making sure nothing is said that is not necessary.  We want to provide a family safe place so everyone’s comment will be checked.

Using smileys is a fun way to comment.  It’s super fun for everyone! 🙄 If you are going to add one make sure you add a space for example (Wrong: (no space) hi:) Right: (space) hi :)). Understand? Well, if not please comment in the section below!  Here’s a list of the fun, silly and evil 😆 faces!




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