pic94F59BFD2C1ECBFD5E236BCFC108DCA8Welcome to The Brick Center!

Our goal is to have a great LEGO® blog that kids and teens will really enjoy.  LEGO is a great learning toy for young children to teens.  We want to provide a place for those kids to not only have fun, but to join the LEGO fan community! 😉

LEGO has been a company since 1949 and has been making kids happy all through that time.  We also want to add to that happiness, yet be something different.  We don’t want to be LEGO, but enjoy LEGOs. 🙄

I’ve seen many great LEGO blogs that are very well done.  We want to become a great, wonderful, and well done blog like those.

We need your help to become like some of those blogs.  Yes, the views matter, but we also need support from LEGO fans just like you!   Maybe next time you read a great article here featuring your favorite theme, try sharing it with your friends on Facebook or sharing it with your followers on Twitter or maybe just email it to people you know.  🙂

Becoming something like that is so amazing, but if you would like to help that would be great!  If you would like to contribute please just visit our CONTRIBUTOR page or if you would like to contact use to help in other ways please visit our CONTACT US page.  We thank you for your support and we hope you can visit us soon!


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