The LEGO Movie

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Exciting news everyone!  Warner Brothers announced the building of a LEGO movie.  The LEGO Movie shall be unconfined February 7th (different countries will vary).  If you liked the Clutch Powers movie, I think you’ll really enjoy this one! 😛 Fortunately, Warner Brothers released a poster and a great trailer.

 The LEGO Movie

The IMDb gives us a piece of info about what the movie is about, “An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together.” If you are interested in visiting the IMDb page just click HERE.  The Warner Brothers also opened a website for the new movie if you are interesting in checking that out please click HERE. 🙄

Now, for the part you’ve been waiting for…

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Okay, let’s get on with it. 🙄 The video looked very exciting and funny to me!  You may noticed that in the trailer it said, from the directors of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, I’ve seen that movie and I must tell you it was one of the worst movies I ever saw.  Now hopefullythe movie will not be like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

The LEGO Movie 2

You might be wondering if the movie will be in theaters.  Well, will it?  It will be because in the last few seconds of the teaser it says, see it in real D 3D, it also says in the Synopsis it says, full-length theatrical LEGO® adventure.  Sadly, there really isn’t much to report on a movie so I think we’ll wrap it up.

Did you enjoy the trailer?  Do you think you’ll go see this movie?  If you have any comments or questions (questions can concern the release dates in other countries) please just post them in the comment section below!


Kai’s Fire Mech Review

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Written by, Geneva – gid617

January 2013 saw six new Ninjago sets featuring a new type of Ninja suit and the stone army!  Today I’ll review the smallest set of the line: Kai’s Fire Mech, a small Mech that was built for him by Nya, with a fire gun on one hand and grabbing clips on the other!  For a set that costs $9.99, 102 pieces is a fairly good amount, especially since some of them are the larger sized robot pieces, often used in Hero Factory, for example.  The set includes both Kai in his new Kimono suit and a short stone warrior with a crossbow, plus an awesome new fire blade for Kai!

Main (1)

The Mech is fun to build and has some nice SNOT (studs-not-on-top) work for some of the detailing.  But the best part is posing it afterwards!  With the flexible hand and the rotating blaster, he can even stand on one hand!

Poses (2)

            If you recall, Nya was the one that built the Mech, so it’s not surprising that it shares many similarities with its “big sister”!  You can check it out with a slightly modified version of the Samurai Mech below!

With Samurai (1)

            As a bonus, with some clever posing the Mech can be stuck on the back of Cole’s Earth Driller, allowing Cole to carry it around!

With Earth Driller (1)

            But the best part of any LEGO set, for me, is changing it!  I did make some changes to the body, but most of what I did was with the hands – I changed the blaster for another hand and added a small harpoon to the other hand!  You can see how it turned out below!

Kai's Fire Mech II  (3)

            So how do you like Kai’s Fire Mech?  Do you plan on getting it or do you have it already?  Did you get any inspiration from this review?  Feel free to share your comments and questions below!

LEGO R2-D2 and friends

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            Thanks to Kockamania I have discovered something pretty cool.  Matt Armstrong of California made some amazing models of R2-D2.   I’m guessing he found the instructions to the set R2-D2 which is $179.99 (USD).


You’re probably thinking what’s the difference if he made a model of R2-D2 and found the instructions online.  Well, there is a big difference, the color.

➡ This one is my favorite because on my page it says I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and their colors are black and gold so of course this is my favorite!  This one is called R2-Pi.  Very interesting name don’t you think? 🙄

➡ The one on the right is called R2-Punk which I think is a silly name.  Would you like to be called punk?  Yeah, I didn’t think so! :P. I don’t really like the colors he picked, white and brown.  I don’t think those are really stand out colors.

➡ The one on the left is called R2-QT.  The color chosen here are girl colors so my guess is that this may be one the girls like!  I do think the heart in the bottom hole is cute!  This R2 reminds me of the part in the Yoda Chronicles when Yoda is racing to the ship to help Obi-Wan.  Yoda calls R2 as he’s passing him and R2 is with a girl R2.  The two R2s are holograming hearts at each other (or it could be just one of the droids, I forget).

➡  The other droid is not one of my favorites because it’s way to colorful!  This one definitly stands out, but I think a little too much.  I notice Han Solo in the droid, see if you can find him.  This one is called RU-Krazy.  Please don’t answer that! 😆

➡ We have one more driod which is named R2-T2 (R2-Tux2), I’m pretty sure it says that it’s a Death Star Droid.  I do like this one because as you know black is one of my colors!  I also like that they put the sith symbol for the eye or camera.


           So do you like them?  Which one’s your favorite? If you we’re going to make one which colors would you chose?  Please share your comments in the comment section below and if you would like to check out some more of these amazing R2s please visit Matt Armstongs Flickr page HERE!

Ninjago website update

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Exciting news everyone!  A couple weeks ago LEGO updated the Ninjago site!  They added a new background, a game, and a couple more exciting things!  LEGO fans have been waiting months for this website update and finally it’s here!  We’ll dig in a little deeper in this article.  So here we go!

On the homepage they added a cool setup with arrows and with featured videos and games.  LEGO only added three slides, but hopefully they’ll add some more in the future.  LEGO also added a nice background with clouds and mountains.

LEGO also updated the models.  We now have images and descriptions of each new Ninjago set. You also get access to the instructions, check price, and add to wishlist all in one place!  That was added a several months ago, around when the new sets came out, but for those who haven’t seen it now you know! 😀

There’s a great new game that’s super cool!  Yes, it’s “The Final Battle”!  LEGO games, on, in my opinion aren’t very good, but this one is great!  They came out with the game as an app for iOS products (Apple devices) a couple months ago, so some LEGO fans may be familiar with the game already.  The game is called The Final Battle.  You can play it online or on your Apple device.  The game is full of action defeating the Stone Army and sometimes even Garmadon!  Be all the ninjas even The Golden Ninja!  Move on to each level defeating hundreds of the evil army because everyone knows good always wins!

There’s one more thing, but this has been on the site for a while.  Videos!  Ninjago TV has over 50 videos, maybe around a 100.  Ninjago TV has shorts from the TV series, descriptions featuring the sets, and lots more!  Be sure to check that out too!


So what you think?  Not such a big update, but it’s okay.  What do you think is your favorite part of the update?  The game?  The background or what about the models?  Well, if you haven’t decided yet, you can check out the website for yourself HERE!

Lightsabers? Great idea!

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          The other day I was looking through LEGO CUUSOO and found an idea that I thought was very interesting.  Lightsabers was scott34567 idea.  If you are a Star Wars fan and have a CUUSOO account I would highly suggest supporting this guy.  I see Darth Maul’s, Anakin’s, Yoda’s and ect.

scott34567 pic

If you would like to check out the page please click HERE.  Let’s see what scott34567 had to say,

“Who doesn’t like lightsabers? My idea is to allow us mere humans not in that galaxy far, far away to participate in the age-old Jedi and Sith tradition of completing our skills and building a lightsaber. Just like the “real thing” each lightsaber has a crystal inside, and each lightsaber has enough detail to give its expensive brethren a run for their money.

These lightsabers are sturdy enough to withstand being handled and sturdy enough to support the blade concept. Furthermore, I want to make these hilts as realistic as possible to pass off as a prop for a costume (for people who are into that sort of thing).

Each lightsaber ranges from approximately 100 bricks (Yoda) to approximately 300 bricks (Darth Maul). The 5 lightsabers pictured combined have a brick count of about 1,100.”

scott34567 3 pic

There are a couple of things that are awesome add in(s) he did like adding a crystal to each Lightsaber.  He also built a blade which attaches to the Lightsaber.  He says the blade isn’t stong enough for duel’s, but I think it looks cool!

scott34567 4 pic

If you want to check out his Lightsaber Flickr page it would amaze you even more!

Fullscreen capture 6112013 100101 AM

           The project only has 3,320 votes at the time; I think we can give him a couple hundred more so please vote for him.  He also said, “To be added June 2013. Darth Malgus, Asajj Ventress, Qui Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi (padawan lightsaber)!! I wanted to get these done earlier…but my employment obligations are keeping me out of town and away from my Lego bricks for 5 weeks.”

scott34567 2 pic

Looks exciting huh?  What’s your favorite Lightsaber?  Are you going to vote for him?  Do you even think it’s a great idea?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!  We also hope you enjoyed this article!

Big Star Wars Set on it’s Way!

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               Over the few years LEGO has been making more sets from episode VI, Return of the Jedi.  LEGO is about to release one of its biggest Star Wars sets ever.  1990 pieces, 16 minifigures, $250 (USD) LEGO is going to release Ewok Village on September 1, 2013!


I really love the detail in the image above.  The Ewok village has many plants on it which really makes it look like its in the trees. 🙄 It really looks like the real thing (see image beside).  One thing I do like is the bridge and how they made it look droopy and not straight.

            Above are some better looks that the set. It seems that there are two parts of the set, the tree house connected to the bridge and with the ladder (image on the right) and the main area (the left image).  In the image below you can see the (adorable) little teddy bears (ewoks) set a trap for the Stormrooper.  The trap is to smash the trooper between two logs, what I think is cool about that is that trap was in the movie!

I think we covered a lot on the set, let’s now move onto the minifigs.  There are 16 minifigures total. The image I found is a little confusing because it shows some of the minifigs twice, the reason some of them are like that is because some of the minifigs have a double sided head.

We also have some interesting facts from, LEGO shop, about this cool set!

• Includes R2-D2™ and 16 minifigures: Luke Skywalker™, Princess Leia™, Han Solo™, Chewbacca™, C-3PO™, 2 Rebel soldiers, 5 Ewoks™, 2 Scout™ Troopers™ and 2 Stormtroopers™

• Speeder also included

• Weapons include a Lightsaber, 3 blaster pistols, 2 blasters, 2 blaster rifles, 2 spears, bow and a crossbow

• Also includes 2 staffs

• Collect hard-to-find Endor Princess Leia, C-3PO, Luke, Han Solo and Wicket Ewok minifigures!

• Fend off the advancing Imperial forces

• Amaze the Ewoks with the elevating throne!

• Avoid the spider web and net traps!

• Destroy the speeder with the rammer function!

• Take refuge in the tree-trunk hideout

• Shoot down the slide and join the battle

• Fire rocks at the enemy with the catapults!

• Measures over 1″ (35cm) high, 21″ (55cm) wide and 13″ (35cm) deep

Here are is a cool video by LEGO featuring this amazing set!

              Do you like the set?  Will this be a must buy set for you?  What’s your favorite minifigure in the set?  Please share you thoughts and comments in the comment section below.  We hope you enjoyed the article and your visit!

Series 11 images!

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After the big rush for Mr. Gold were curious about Minifgure Series 11.  We do have some images of some of the minifgures, but we do have all the names!  The minifgure names look very interesting.  We don’t really know much about this series yet, but we do know the box and packets are green and they will be released in September.

Thanks to Brickipedia (LEGO Wiki) we have the several images and names of the minifgures in series 11! 😀 Here are the names of the minifigures!

  • Yeti (Minifigures)
  • Evil Mech
  • Welder
  • Lady Robot
  • Jazz Musician
  • Constable
  • Holiday Elf
  • Bavarian Lady
  • Scarecrow (Minifigures)
  • Mountain Climber
  • Grandma
  • Tiki Warrior
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Barbarian
  • Diner Waitress
  • Scientist (Minifigures)

Sounds pretty cool?  I think my favorite is the Evil Mech or Holiday Elf (I love Christmas).  We have several images of the minifigures!  


(From left to right) We have the Yeti (Minifigures), Evil Mech, Welder, Lady Robot, Scientist (Minifigures)

Since June 2010 LEGO has been making these amazing minifgures.  It feels like yesterday 😛 , okay maybe more than a day.  Every minifgure has a lot of detail and I can’t believe we’re almost done with series 10!  Anyway, it kind of stinks that we don’t have images of all the minifgures, but this is what we have and this it what we’ll work with!  😛 I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out the rest, I still rather pictures. 🙄

What’s your favorite minifigure?  What’s your second favorite minifigure?  If you could make up a minifigure what would it be?  You need to use your imagination on that last one… 🙄 Please share your thoughts and comments concerning this post in the comment section below!  We’ll also keep you updated for more LEGO Minifigure pictures!