Noah – Nace10

Hi! My name is Noah, but I go by nace10 on most websites. I am a KFOL (Kid-Fan-of-LEGO), a Christian, a video-gamer, and a LEGO fan! I have my own blog, Brick Archives and I’m also a contributor for TBB (The Brick Blogger) and of course TBC (TheBrickCenter)!

Here are eleven facts about me!

  1. I’ve Almost drowned twice.
  2. I am a Christian I also said that already!
  3. I LOVE learning about medical stuff, and I love LOTR (LEGO Lord of the Rings)!
  4. I have a hard time staying on the same LEGO theme, I constantly change my favorite.
  5. I have my own site, Brick Archives
  6. I’m a pretty big Zelda fan!
  7. I’ve had Lego products most of my life.
  8. I have two Ninjago sets, three spinners, and a Kai minfigure I found!
  9. My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings Return Of The King.
  10. I have around 7000 or 8000 LEGO Bricks, maybe more!
  11. I live in the USA

There’s a lot more I could say, but I can’t think of any more! Please feel free to comment in the comment section below!


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