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Hello, my name is Nathan K. (that’s not my full name, of course) (I run this blog) I’m also known as ntk743 on most LEGO sites. I have been a LEGO-fan since 2009, so you can say that I’m a fairly new to LEGO!

I got into LEGO by getting a LEGO Club Magazine subscription from a friend. I liked LEGO City at first, then LEGO Star Wars and now LEGO Ninjago! (Even though I still like all of them!)

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I got my first LEGO Club Magazine in February of 2010
  2. I have approximately 110 LEGO Minifigures!
  3. I enjoy building with my bulk LEGO, but keep all my sets together!
  4. My favorite ninja from Ninjago is Kai
  5. My favorite villains from Ninjago are Lord Garmadon (with four arms) and Samukai. (I have both of them!)
  6. My favorite Ninjago set tha I own is probably between Garmadon’s Dark Fortress and the Ultra Sonic Raider!
  7. I have 3 four-armed minifigures; General Grevious, Lord Garmadon, and Samukai!
  8. If you add up all my LEGO their worth comes to about $800+!
  9. My LEGO ID is: ntk743 so invite me as your friend!
  10. I enjoy video-games, especially LEGO video-games!
  11. I love playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja!
  12. Usually I enter every contest in the LEGO Club Magazine, except if I’m too late or something.
  13. I enjoy reading comics, but I hate reading books!
  14. I’ve been to several different countries including Turkey, Mexico, Cyprus, and Germany (but just to the airport).
  15. My family and I visited or drove through at least 23 states, maybe more!
  16. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona!
  17. I’m slowly working on learning Spanish. (It’s difficult to learn a new language!)
  18. I’ve been to Hershey Park and I want to go to LEGOLAND California once!
  19. I visited the Grand Canyon National Park and a few other National Parks.
  20. My favorite sports are football and basketball! I like to stay active and play outside!
  21. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Heat, and the New York Yankees! (A lot of people say I’m a front-runner.)
  22. I love having Nerf Gun battles with my friends!
  23. Usually I go to the beach in New Jersey for vacation! (I love the beach! Except for the sand…)
  24. I like writing about my hobbies! (which is obviously Ninjago and LEGO)
  25. My favorite Ninjago quote is “Where there is light there will always be shadow.” Over Lord, “Unless my lightis bright enough.” Lloyd.
  26. My favorite LEGO Ninjago episode is episode 24, The Last Hope.
  27. I love watching Star Wars The Clone Wars!
  28. I have an iPad and iPod touch
  29. My favorite food is cheeseburger and fries (I’m very picky about my burgers though…).
  30. My second favorite food is pizza (also I’m picky about my pizza!)!
  31. I love earning money. (who doesn’t?!)
  32. The most watched TV channel in my house is probably Hallmark Channel (it’s not what I would pick though).
  33. I have seen every Star Wars episode
  34. My fourth favorite LEGO theme is probably Minifigures
  35. I’m into devices (I know a lot about Apple products).
  36. I’m homeschooled
  37. I’m a Christian
  38. My middle name is Taylor
  39. I’m a right handed
  40. My favorite movie saga is Star Wars
  41. My favorite Star Wars movie is III Revenge of the Sith
  42. I enjoy Christian rap
  43. My favorite Christian rapper is Trip Lee.
  44. My favorite Ninjago song is Born to Be a Ninja
  45. I like sledding (in snow… really what else)
  46. I play NFL flag football.
  47. My favorite position in football is wide receiver
  48. My fifth favorite LEGO theme is Hero Factory
  49. I like cookies better than cake
  50. I love viewers and subscribers!

2 thoughts on “Nathan – ntk743

    Meneldur son of Garamar said:
    June 21, 2013 at 8:33 PM

    Hi Nathan! It’s Meneldur from Brickblogger! Cool! 🙂

    KAKMOM said:
    June 23, 2013 at 7:18 PM

    I think you did a great job on the blog, ntk743.
    From KAKMOM

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