Kevin – KXC123

Hi, my name is KXC123 and my real name is Kevin (that’s not all of it of course!)!  My first post here was Lord of the Rings Video Game and I love writing here!  The reason I started writing here is because my friend, ntk743, who owns this blog asked me and finally I agreed!

Since you don’t know much about me here are some fun facts:

  • I been a LEGO fan since 2006!

  • I love to play LEGO Star Wars III the video game for wii!

  • My favorite character from LEGO Star Wars III is Heavy the Clone Tooper who has the machine gun as a weapon!

  • I like Nerf guns!

  • I enjoy having Nerf Super Soaker (water guns) battles with my friends.

  • And I like fixing electronics.

  • I live in the US and to be more clear, I live in Maryland.

  • My favorite video game is Star Wars The Force Unleashed!

And the rest you’ll find out sooner or later! 😀 If you ever have question just leave a comment?


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