Jason – obi-wanfan2282

Hi. My name is Jason K. (Not my full name obviously. )  I usually go by obi-wanfan2282.  I’ve been wanting to contribute to a LEGO blog for a while, but never got myself to do it until now.  My first post here was 2013 Galaxy Squad Images!  Here’s some interesting facts about me:


1. I’m homeschooled.

2. I am a Christian.

3. My favorite LEGO theme at the moment is NINJAGO. 

4. I live in the USA.

5. I LOVE pie. 

6. I’m 12.

7. I have a pet turtle. 

8. I LOVE stop-motion. (Though I’m not very good yet. )

9. I go by the name obi-wanfan2282, or obi-wanfan on most websites.(Even though I’m not a HUGE fan of him anymore.)

10. I have more Star wars sets than anything else. 

11. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 horses, and a bunch of chickens. 

12. I like cats more than dogs.

13. I have 8 brothers and sisters.  (I am the 4th born.)

14. My favorite movies are The Avengers, Star Wars, Captain America, and The Lord of the Rings. 

15. My first LEGO set was the Mail Van.

16. One of my favorite LEGO sets I own is Kai’s Blade Cycle.

17. My username on Lego.com is obi-wanfan2282.(Pretty obvious, I know.)

18. I play the bass.

19. My older brother (starwarsfan2383 on Lego.com) plays drums. 

20. Some of my favorite music artists are Brandon Heath, Matthew West, Skillet, TobyMac, Jason Castro, and Newsboys

21. I like electronics. 

22. My favorite NFL football team is the Atlanta Falcons

23. I LOVE playing Angry Birds, and Bad Piggies. 


I didn’t pick 23 for any reason.  I just couldn’t think of anything else.  Please look out for more posts by me soon!  


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