Geneva – gid617

LOCATION: Chile, South AmericaGeneva

My real name is Geneva D. (that’s not all of it, of course) but I go by the name gid617 on most LEGO websites. I have been collecting LEGO ever since my siblings and I first got a LEGO bucket when I was six (I’m a TFOL now). We quickly divided up the Minifigures, but for a while all the LEGO bricks were shared – until one day, when I had the brilliant idea to grab some and call out, “These are mine!” And it worked!

In case you want to know more, here are fifteen things about me:

  1. I have approximately 140 Minifigures.
  2. My favorite LEGO theme is Ninjago, followed by Minifigures. Other than that, I just get random sets, mainly for the accessories – in fact, I have never bought a LEGO set worth more than $20!
  3. I have over 100 Ninjago cards, and I am trying to collect all of Kai’s – I have every single version (Normal, DX, Kendo, ZX, NRG) so far!
  4. In case you didn’t know that Geneva is a girl’s name – I am a girl.
  5. I have lived in Chile, South America, for the past five years.
  6. I know English, Spanish, and am learning Koine Greek (aka. “Common Greek” – at least it was common a couple thousand years ago!)
  7. Check out my Flickr account:  gid617.
  8. I have read the Bible eight times (twice in Spanish!) so far…
  9. I have won or placed in multiple writing contests.
  10. I’ve been in an approximately 8.8 earthquake (on the Richter Scale).
  11. I have about 1 cubic foot of LEGO (more like 1.09…). Maybe it doesn’t sound like much – but compare it to the volume of an average 4×2 stud LEGO brick.
  12. I never stopped playing with LEGO for more than a few days.
  13. I have a LEGO ID: gid617 – and in case you were wondering, the 617 has no real meaning.  (If you’re creative though, you probably can tell that it makes my age: 6 upside down turns into a 9, plus 7 equals 16, and minus one equals 15.  But that wasn’t intentional…)
  14. I do seventy push-ups almost every day (not Sundays).
  15. I didn’t just choose fifteen randomly – there is a reason – it’s my age!

Keep a sharp eye out for more articles done by me!


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