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Don’t Fall for It

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Series 11 is almost here, but still Mr. Gold is hopping on Ebay.  The great thing is people are selling Mr. Gold for only $20 (more or less)!  It’s great right?! 😛 Well, yes, if you don’t catch the catch.  Pretty much is what I’m saying is they’re are custom made.  It’s not really the Mr. Gold.  Before you ever buy something on Ebay read the description! 🙄 Now, that we’re past that we can look ahead to series 11!  Or not…

Mr gold

Have you seen the Guaranteed Mr. Gold selling for $15-20?  Now, that is a great deal but, yet again, there’s another catch… Maybe.  Sorta.  People are now selling guaranteed Mr. Gold or Medusa!  It sounds like a one in two chance right? Right, to you… The thing is Mr. Gold and Medusa are very different.  For example: Medusa has a snake like bottom and she has crazy snake hair.  Mr. Gold, on the other hand, is a regular minifigure with a stick with a diamond on top.  He also has a top hat. 🙄  So it’s totally possible (unless the seller is hand-less 😆 ) for the seller to know what minifigure it is.  And if they know which one it is and it’s Mr. Gold why would they sell it for so cheap??  In a conclusion, it’s 99.99% it’s NOT MR. GOLD (unless the people are really, really, really nice which I highly doubt 🙄 )!


Look below at some Mr. Gold (or Medusa) listings.   I  put one of each, Mr. Gold, custom Mr. Gold, and Medusa or Mr. Gold (not).

So have you thought about that before?  Have you already stopped looking for Mr. Gold?  Are you considering buying him on Ebay?  Please share you thoughts and comments in the comment section below!  And remember to look out for more news on the upcoming Minifigure Series!


Series 11 images!

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After the big rush for Mr. Gold were curious about Minifgure Series 11.  We do have some images of some of the minifgures, but we do have all the names!  The minifgure names look very interesting.  We don’t really know much about this series yet, but we do know the box and packets are green and they will be released in September.

Thanks to Brickipedia (LEGO Wiki) we have the several images and names of the minifgures in series 11! 😀 Here are the names of the minifigures!

  • Yeti (Minifigures)
  • Evil Mech
  • Welder
  • Lady Robot
  • Jazz Musician
  • Constable
  • Holiday Elf
  • Bavarian Lady
  • Scarecrow (Minifigures)
  • Mountain Climber
  • Grandma
  • Tiki Warrior
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Barbarian
  • Diner Waitress
  • Scientist (Minifigures)

Sounds pretty cool?  I think my favorite is the Evil Mech or Holiday Elf (I love Christmas).  We have several images of the minifigures!  


(From left to right) We have the Yeti (Minifigures), Evil Mech, Welder, Lady Robot, Scientist (Minifigures)

Since June 2010 LEGO has been making these amazing minifgures.  It feels like yesterday 😛 , okay maybe more than a day.  Every minifgure has a lot of detail and I can’t believe we’re almost done with series 10!  Anyway, it kind of stinks that we don’t have images of all the minifgures, but this is what we have and this it what we’ll work with!  😛 I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out the rest, I still rather pictures. 🙄

What’s your favorite minifigure?  What’s your second favorite minifigure?  If you could make up a minifigure what would it be?  You need to use your imagination on that last one… 🙄 Please share your thoughts and comments concerning this post in the comment section below!  We’ll also keep you updated for more LEGO Minifigure pictures!