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LEGO contest: LEGO Hero Factory

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Anytime there’s a LEGO contest we’ll write an article to help each other win the contest.  We want a community of winning LEGOs! 🙄 This contest, featured in the July – August issue, you need to “Build a model of something that Hero Factory can use to stop the Evil Brains, using the pieces from your LEGO collection.”  Sounds easy, but what to make and how?   I would suggest making another hero, a giant hero.  But, if you don’t have any Hero Factory pieces (or even Bionicle pieces) you can still enter the contest!

EPSON scanner image

Never give up hope!  What to make if you don’t have Hero Factory pieces?  Maybe a ship with cannons, lasers, and a jail?! :mrgreen:  Or what about a cool hero car?  What about a never before seen vehicle?  It’s all up to you!  Now, if you could pick any LEGO set and get it for free, what would you choose?  Oh, oh, I know!  SEE BELOW!


Nobody would pick that!  I’d pick some two thousand piece set that costs a couple hundred dollars, right?!  Wouldn’t you?  My point is everyone loves giant sets!  Big sets.  A while back I remember a Pirates of the Caribbean contest and the grand prize winner was someone who build a huge model (it was HUGE).  Okay, I think you got that point, MAKE SOMETHING BIG.  🙄

  I’m the kind of person who keeps his sets together, now for those kinds of people it’s okay to break your sets apart (as long as you put them back together!) for a $100 dollar LEGO gift card!!  For those who have heros, it’s also a good or should I say great idea to make you hero big.  Once you build your big hero you could make your own weapon.  After you make your weapon (make it unique maybe do a sword for old style) you should put lot’s of detail on it!  Put a flame (other color flames may look cooler) or some lights.  Put what you think is awesome!  Also make sure your hero is full of details!  Add some pieces from your LEGO collection to it!

When you’ve finished your model or hero you should have it in action.  Make sure have a good camera (if you have an iPhone or iPad I would use that) and make sure you  have good lighting (make the lighting look good to you).  To make it even better you could add a background, print a background of the internet, draw it, or use the LEGO magazine.  If you can you also may want you hero or model to be battling someone or something.



LEGO is doing something new where you and your parent or guardian has to sign.  There are rules you should read before you enter.  See above for both.  Please note these are for the US and you will have to go HERE for other countries.  We hope you enjoyed this article and we hope you win!  If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to comment in the comment section below!