The Ninjago Movie

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       The Warner Brother’s interests in LEGOs has led the to the decision of making a LEGO Ninjago movie.  The upcoming movie, The LEGO Movie, trailer has been hit so hard by fans that Warner is said to be making plans for a Ninjago movie.  Thanks to BrickExtra we’ve been notified early about the movie.  Today I also looked it up and found several movie websites are talking about a Ninjago movie.

One of LEGO’s most popular themes why wouldn’t it be a great idea to make a Ninjago movie.  Ninjago, the TV series, has been a favorite show of LEGO fans all over the world.  Kai, the ninja of fire and his amazing crew along with the Green Ninja, Lloyd, battle Garmadon and his army of snakes and stone army.  

With Chima not being what was expected from LEGO I’m sure LEGO would love to have this movie to once again lift up the Ninjago theme!  In the coming year we don’t know what to expected from LEGO Ninjago.  We will just have to wait and see what LEGO will throw at us, but I’m sure we’ll be prepared!

So what do you think?  Do you think the movie is true?  Is Chima what you expected from LEGO?  Please share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below and look out for Ninjago news soon!



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