Ninjago and four?

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Have you ever noticed that the producers of Ninjago must love the number 4?  I have!  Over the couple of years that Ninjago existed, I’ve noticed many things in Ninjago that have to do with the number four.  For example, there are four main ninjas, four weapons, and four elements (we won’t get into all that just yet)


But why is four the main number in Ninjago?  Maybe because LEGO just picked a random number or maybe they picked the ninjas and noticed that there are four, or maybe it was accidental.  Who can tell?  I can!  I contacted LEGO several days ago to ask that question and here is the response:   “So the reason that ther’e so much focus on the number 4 is because there is 4 different elemets in the land of NINJAGO to control.” (this is a copied quote so please don’t blame us for the mistakes! ;) )


If you don’t know what I mean by four, here’s a list of what I noticed has four in Ninjago: Four ninjas, four generals in the skeleton army, four main snake tribes, four elements, four kinds of each snake in each of the four snake tribes, four action cards in each spinner, four different kinds of stone army men, four weapons of Spinjitzu, four Fang Blades, four Golden Snake Staffs, four Lloyds in different suits, four skeleton army men (not generals), three four armed figures, four dragons and four sets with four figures in them 2011-2012.

I may have missed several so if I didn’t list them please just say so in the comment section below!   Hope you enjoyed my article and look out for more articles about the upcoming season of Ninjago!


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