Kai’s Fire Mech Review

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Written by, Geneva – gid617

January 2013 saw six new Ninjago sets featuring a new type of Ninja suit and the stone army!  Today I’ll review the smallest set of the line: Kai’s Fire Mech, a small Mech that was built for him by Nya, with a fire gun on one hand and grabbing clips on the other!  For a set that costs $9.99, 102 pieces is a fairly good amount, especially since some of them are the larger sized robot pieces, often used in Hero Factory, for example.  The set includes both Kai in his new Kimono suit and a short stone warrior with a crossbow, plus an awesome new fire blade for Kai!

Main (1)

The Mech is fun to build and has some nice SNOT (studs-not-on-top) work for some of the detailing.  But the best part is posing it afterwards!  With the flexible hand and the rotating blaster, he can even stand on one hand!

Poses (2)

            If you recall, Nya was the one that built the Mech, so it’s not surprising that it shares many similarities with its “big sister”!  You can check it out with a slightly modified version of the Samurai Mech below!

With Samurai (1)

            As a bonus, with some clever posing the Mech can be stuck on the back of Cole’s Earth Driller, allowing Cole to carry it around!

With Earth Driller (1)

            But the best part of any LEGO set, for me, is changing it!  I did make some changes to the body, but most of what I did was with the hands – I changed the blaster for another hand and added a small harpoon to the other hand!  You can see how it turned out below!

Kai's Fire Mech II  (3)

            So how do you like Kai’s Fire Mech?  Do you plan on getting it or do you have it already?  Did you get any inspiration from this review?  Feel free to share your comments and questions below!


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