LEGO R2-D2 and friends

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            Thanks to Kockamania I have discovered something pretty cool.  Matt Armstrong of California made some amazing models of R2-D2.   I’m guessing he found the instructions to the set R2-D2 which is $179.99 (USD).


You’re probably thinking what’s the difference if he made a model of R2-D2 and found the instructions online.  Well, there is a big difference, the color.

➡ This one is my favorite because on my page it says I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and their colors are black and gold so of course this is my favorite!  This one is called R2-Pi.  Very interesting name don’t you think? 🙄

➡ The one on the right is called R2-Punk which I think is a silly name.  Would you like to be called punk?  Yeah, I didn’t think so! :P. I don’t really like the colors he picked, white and brown.  I don’t think those are really stand out colors.

➡ The one on the left is called R2-QT.  The color chosen here are girl colors so my guess is that this may be one the girls like!  I do think the heart in the bottom hole is cute!  This R2 reminds me of the part in the Yoda Chronicles when Yoda is racing to the ship to help Obi-Wan.  Yoda calls R2 as he’s passing him and R2 is with a girl R2.  The two R2s are holograming hearts at each other (or it could be just one of the droids, I forget).

➡  The other droid is not one of my favorites because it’s way to colorful!  This one definitly stands out, but I think a little too much.  I notice Han Solo in the droid, see if you can find him.  This one is called RU-Krazy.  Please don’t answer that! 😆

➡ We have one more driod which is named R2-T2 (R2-Tux2), I’m pretty sure it says that it’s a Death Star Droid.  I do like this one because as you know black is one of my colors!  I also like that they put the sith symbol for the eye or camera.


           So do you like them?  Which one’s your favorite? If you we’re going to make one which colors would you chose?  Please share your comments in the comment section below and if you would like to check out some more of these amazing R2s please visit Matt Armstongs Flickr page HERE!


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