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Exciting news everyone!  A couple weeks ago LEGO updated the Ninjago site!  They added a new background, a game, and a couple more exciting things!  LEGO fans have been waiting months for this website update and finally it’s here!  We’ll dig in a little deeper in this article.  So here we go!

On the homepage they added a cool setup with arrows and with featured videos and games.  LEGO only added three slides, but hopefully they’ll add some more in the future.  LEGO also added a nice background with clouds and mountains.

LEGO also updated the models.  We now have images and descriptions of each new Ninjago set. You also get access to the instructions, check price, and add to wishlist all in one place!  That was added a several months ago, around when the new sets came out, but for those who haven’t seen it now you know! 😀

There’s a great new game that’s super cool!  Yes, it’s “The Final Battle”!  LEGO games, on, in my opinion aren’t very good, but this one is great!  They came out with the game as an app for iOS products (Apple devices) a couple months ago, so some LEGO fans may be familiar with the game already.  The game is called The Final Battle.  You can play it online or on your Apple device.  The game is full of action defeating the Stone Army and sometimes even Garmadon!  Be all the ninjas even The Golden Ninja!  Move on to each level defeating hundreds of the evil army because everyone knows good always wins!

There’s one more thing, but this has been on the site for a while.  Videos!  Ninjago TV has over 50 videos, maybe around a 100.  Ninjago TV has shorts from the TV series, descriptions featuring the sets, and lots more!  Be sure to check that out too!


So what you think?  Not such a big update, but it’s okay.  What do you think is your favorite part of the update?  The game?  The background or what about the models?  Well, if you haven’t decided yet, you can check out the website for yourself HERE!


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